Core Values

Enabled2Parent stands by the following core values as the tools the organisation will use to raise the profile of parents with disabilities and additional support needs and augment understanding of the very real issues involved.

The organisation acknowledges this is a collaborative multidimensional process that involves partnering with every agency at all stages of the parenting experience.

  • Enablement
    is the means to give disabled parents and those with additional support needs the right, possibility and opportunity to execute and sustain their parenting roles.
  • Energy
    is the strength and vitality for sustained activity. Enabled2Parent hopes to inject strength and vitality into disabled parents to inspire them to parent with confidence, resilience, independence and purpose.
  • Empathy
    Enabled2parent is founded by a couple who are both disabled who can offer insight and empathy into the realities of being a new parent.
  • Empowerment
    is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. Enabled2Parent’s vision Is to strengthen the abilities and profile of disabled parents so that the rights of both mothers and fathers are recognised and fulfilled.
  • Equality
    is fairness in giving the same opportunity to fathers as to mothers. Enabled2Parent wants to work with disabled fathers so that they are recognised and respected as equal partners in the parenting journey.
  • Excellence
    describes something that is outstanding of the highest quality. Enabled2Parent ascribes to this quality and will work to provide support and services that are innovative, evidence based and break new ground in the field of adaptive parenting.