For disabled parents

  • Assessment of your needs and help to map out your journey from pregnancy onwards
  • Practical, personalised advice about having a new baby
  • Help with baby care, play, assistive equipment, role transition, health and well-being
  • Support with liaising with Primary Care and Social Services
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For health professionals

  • Education and training courses about adaptive parenting tailor-made to suit your service, organisation or business
  • Specialist assessments covering all aspects of functional parenting, baby care, risk management and assistive equipment
  • Forming partnerships with existing services to provide needs-led, co-ordinated responses to parents
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Enabled2Parent is a “not for profit” organisation which offers advice alongside assessments and information about equipment. Our advice is practical and personalised, which means it is more than just a forum to express ideas and experiences: It gives you the tools to help you help your child grow to the best of his or her ability.

Specific Objectives

  • Enabled2Parent aims to work as a partner with disabled mothers and fathers and hand-in-hand with Statutory Services.
  • Enabled2Parent understands that parenting is your wish and wants to help you become and be parents in your own way as far as possible.