A Bridge Between Two Worlds

Parenthood is an exciting but daunting process for anyone. When you add a disability, enduring health condition or a set of additional support needs into the mix, it can create an atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and misunderstanding amongst everyone involved.

Enabled2Parent wishes to address this disparity by building a bridge between a disabled person’s human right to be a parent and rear their own children and the reality of becoming and being a resilient and independent parent with the right personalised support.

Enabled2Parent can help you achieve this in the following ways:

  • Provision of an Email Enquiry facility to chat and offer advice to you as parents
  • Provide an assessment of your needs and help you map out your journey from pregnancy onwards.
  • Help you identify and trial any equipment you might need to care for, carry and/or play with your baby safely.
  • Help your preparation and transition to your role as a new mum or dad.
  • Help you identify strategies to help you manage and maintain your activities of daily living after your baby is born
  • Support you in your liaison with Primary Care and Social Care Services.
  • Provide advice on having a new baby including baby care, assistive equipment, play, lifestyle, developmental milestones, role transition, health and well-being.